Emptying my bank account one car part at a time

Kaylee – B2000 Pickup

I have always loveed pickups, early in my car owning life it was a strong desire to own a MK1 Caddy pickup. I did, I called her Lizzy, she was pretty much a bareshell rebuld, and after blowing a piston… Continue Reading →

Kara – MK1 MX5 Project car

What can I say about Kara? well she is definately going to be a long project.. I bought the base shell for Kara many many moons ago from Painter Dave. Way back in hte day Kara was going to be… Continue Reading →

Eddie the Elgand

long suffering and tireless workhorse, the longest standing support vehicle for the Combustionpunks Showstands. There have been others, there was a whole year or more that Pip picked up the duty in his Forrester, odd shows have been catered by… Continue Reading →

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